Part 1 – What is immersive theatre?
Part 2 – MITE Festival – Why micro-immersive?

Micro-immersive is just immersive theatre on a small scale.

Many people have heard about or experienced large-scale immersive like Sleep No More (which is a multi-million-dollar mostly-wordless dance-driven Hitchcock-influenced adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth taking place across 6 floors of a converted warehouse–it is a multi-track agency-based passive-spectator work) or Then She Fell (which is also dance-driven; an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland taking place in an asylum–it is a multi-track, guided, semi-passive/semi-interactive work). Creating works on this scale is well-beyond the means of most individual artists, and even beyond the scope of what most regional or institutional theatres in America are able to take risks on. It’s a fairly new field (Sleep No More opened in New York less than 10 years ago) and most theatre artists still have little or no experience with the form.

Large-scale immersive is, at this point in time, mostly beyond the means of local artists and audiences.

In addition, because it’s so new, it’s often lumped-in with other forms of new-ish interactive entertainments like escape-rooms, virtual-reality, or live-action-role-playing (or old-ish forms like haunted houses)–so there’s a lot of confusion surrounding what immersive theatre actually is. (For the record, we think it’s fundamentally different from all of those things)

We hope the Micro-Immersive Theatre/Experience Festival will be a way for artists and audiences to explore creating and experiencing immersive theatre on an accessible scale, and will open up our local community as a place for continued innovation and development.

The Micro-Immersive Theatre/Experience Festival will take place in June 2020, Salt Lake City.