An intimate outdoor play for socially distant audiences.

Written by Morag Shepherd.
Directed by Dave Mortensen and Claire Stucki.

Sunset. Library Square. Taylor bumps into Rain–or perhaps she bumps into him. It’s not the first time, and it won’t be the last. A story about chance encounters, imperfect moments, and meeting someone for the first time all over again.

Join us for this unique site-specific play at Library Square!

Extremely limited tickets for each performance.

Content Advisory: Language, and the acknowledgment of the existence of sex

Made possible by support from  these organizations.

“Sackerson producers Dave Mortensen, Alex Ungerman, and Morag Shepherd have, once again, redefined theater for Salt Lake. From their choreographed re-creation of The Bride of Frankenstein a few years ago, to Hindsight by Morag Shepherd, they’ve demonstrated far more than a taste for the unconventional; what they have is a taste for the simple and fun and human inside the unconventional.”

Matthew Ivan Bennett

The Utah Review