Even when it’s really close, the journey requires a gravity-defying leap from a lone ladder on a small dish of a boat in the middle of the sea.

Find yourself suspended between two worlds this holiday season with Qfwfq and crew on a magical excursion to the moon and back.

A story of rowboats, lunar jellyfish, and the moon-madness of love.

This beautifully sad and joyously funny movement-driven delight will shine brightly in the memory of both old and young for years to come.

Made possible by support from  these organizations.

“Sackerson producers Dave Mortensen, Alex Ungerman, and Morag Shepherd have, once again, redefined theater for Salt Lake. From their choreographed re-creation of The Bride of Frankenstein a few years ago, to Hindsight by Morag Shepherd, they’ve demonstrated far more than a taste for the unconventional; what they have is a taste for the simple and fun and human inside the unconventional.”

Matthew Ivan Bennett

The Utah Review