Before the Beep

What is this show?

Simple. One play told over the course of 30 days. Each day’s performance lasts less than a minute. Feel free to call in as often as you like. After 30 days you’ll have heard the whole story. You’re going to want to hear the whole story. Be careful you don’t miss a day.

Advisory: Contains adult themes and language.

How do I get a ticket?

This show has closed. We may be relaunching it in 2016. Subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to hear about it.

Production Team

  • Daniel Whiting (Director)
  • Morag Shepherd (Playwright)
  • Jason Sullivan (Recording Technician)
  • Alex Ungerman (Producer)
  • Dave Mortensen (Executive Producer)


  • Susanna Florence Risser
  • Christopher Layton Clark
  • Brighton Hertford
  • Nick Grossaint
  • Ainslie Shepherd