By Sam H. Freeman.
Commissioned and first produced by Theatre Renegade.

April 7-29, 2018 in Salt Lake City

Scarlet has never made a secret of it: she loves life, and she loves sex. But what happens when someone hijacks the plot? Which story wins? She’s ready to tell you what happened.

One unforgettable character portrayed by four actors.

CONTENT ADVISORY – This show has content which may be triggering to survivors of sexual assault.

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Cast Information

The Actors

Hailey Nebeker (SCARLET) was last seen in the role of Harper in ANGELS IN AMERICA (An Other Theatre Company). She hates writing bios as much as she hates spiders and calling people on the phone. She has been a performer on stage for the last 22 years and finds it is the one thing that makes Utah living bearable. Creating is her life force and creating with this amazing group of women has been a dream.

Kat Hawley (SCARLET) is a student in Utah Valley University’s Bachelor of Fine Arts Program for Musical Theatre. She is passionate about many things: baking, sunshine, clean sheets, drinking tea on rainy days, and oh yes, theatre. Starting with Missoula Children’s Theatre at the age of seven, her love of music and performance has blossomed into her life mission. She is happily singing and dancing her way to her degree. Inspired by the many strong and graceful women in this production, she plans to continue her life on the stage paying forward all the love, laughs, and creative inspiration they have provided her.

Merry Magee (SCARLET) is a Westminster College graduate with a BFA in Theatre Performance. Recent credits include SPARKS FLY UPWARD (SLAC); ION (Classical Greek Theatre Festival); ROMEO AND JULIET, LOVE’S LABOUR’S LOST (Grassroots Shakespeare Company); Titus Andronicus (Pinnacle Acting Company); TRAIN TRACKS… (Flying Bobcat/Sackerson); BURN (Sackerson); AMADEUS (Utah Rep); STRANGERS LOVERS FAMILY FRIENDS, RESOLVED (Company of Cohorts); and LUNA GALE (Westminster College). Merry is thrilled to be working with the Sackerson cohort again. Look forward to seeing Merry this summer in WOMEN OF TRACHIS with the Classical Greek Theatre Festival.

Whitney Black (SCARLET) is a freshman at Utah Valley University where she is pursuing a BFA in Acting. She is ecstatic to be a member of the SCARLET cast and has found it to be one of her favorite shows she ever has the privilege to be a part of. When Whitney isn’t on stage, you’ll find her up in the tech booth, calling the show as a stage manager, which is another passion of hers, along with reading, drinking good coffee, and snuggling with her dog Bentley (AKA Bubbers). A quick thank you to my wonderful mother and the tremendous support I receive from her every day, as well as the incredible creative team of SCARLET, I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you.

Production team

Lisa Hall Hagen (Director)
Dr. Lisa Hall Hagen is a creative professional and professor based near Salt Lake City. Combining a thoughtful view of the world around her with a drive to create innovative work, she directs and produces theatre, writes for the stage and beyond, and serves as a Department Chair and Associate Professor of Theatre. Lisa is a native Californian who has worked and lived across the country. She believes in the profound results possible with true collaboration, both creatively and institutionally, and employs sincere curiosity and mindful challenges in her writing, research, visual, and performing art.
Elizabeth Golden (Assistant Director)
Elizabeth Golden returns after last being seen with Sackerson in DO YOU WANT TO SEE ME NAKED and BURN. She teaches at Utah Valley University having graduated with an MFA from Birmingham School of Acting in the UK, where she studied acting in the British tradition. Her previous roles include Shylock (MERCHANT OF VENICE), Gertrude (HAMLET), Helen (THE VORTEX) Lori (GETHSEMANE) and Ursula (VINCENT IN BRIXTON), for which she received an award from the Kennedy Center of Performing Arts.
Chantelle Wells (Choreographer)
Chantelle is in her third year at Utah Valley University and is en route to graduate with a BFA in modern dance next Spring. Her most recent choreographic work has been in youth theater and theater for young audiences, so she feels humbled and inspired to be part of such a collaborative project like SCARLET. She is enamored with physical/dance theater and hopes to have many more creative opportunities like this in the future.
La Beene (Costume Designer
La Beene is an Assistant Professor of Costume Design at UVU. She has taught
at the University of Utah and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Her
recent credits include SEAGULL (Utah Valley University), JUMP (Plan-B Theatre Company), MUSIC MAN (Sundance Summer Theatre), THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO (BYU), and MARY POPPINS JR. with Center Stage Youth Performers where she is the resident costume designer.
Melissa Bonilla (Stage Manager)
Melissa Bonilla is a senior at Utah Valley University, earning her B.A. in Theatrical Arts. Her most recent stage management credits include A NIGHT WITH PASEK AND PAUL and ESTO ES NAVIDAD which allowed her to travel to Panama. A native of Southern California, Melissa is thrilled to be making new relationships in the Salt Lake area. “Theatre is constantly asking me to be the best version of myself. Why would I do anything else?”
Morag Shepherd (Producer)
Morag Shepherd, originally from Scotland, is the resident playwright at Sackerson, and holds an MA in Theatre Criticism from Brigham Young University. Recent credits include TRAIN TRACKS (co-produced with Flying Bobcat), MOTHER EARTH (Plan-B), BURN, THE WORST THING I’VE EVER DONE, BEFORE THE BEEP and POPPY’S IN THE SAND (Sackerson). She won the Davey Ross Fetzer Grant for her play NOT ONE DROP, which performed at Plan-B theatre. Recently she has directed THE SKY IS FALLING for Plan-B, DO YOU WANT TO SEE ME NAKED at the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival, and is currently directing FAT PIG for An Other Theatre Company.
Alex Ungerman (Producer)
Alex Ungerman is one of the producers of Sackerson, and Co-Founder of the Grassroots Shakespeare Company. With Sackerson, he has directed THE WORST THING I’VE EVER DONE, AN OAK TREE, SONDER, SHOCKHEADED PETER, THE TEN DEATHS OF HAMLET, and THE WEIRD PLAY (a co-production with Plan-B Theatre). Next he’ll be directing HINDSIGHT–premiering this May.
Dave Mortensen (Producer)
Dave Mortensen is a Salt Lake City-based director and producer. Sackerson directing credits include THE LITTLE PRINCE, SHOCKHEADED PETER, BURN, POPPY’S IN THE SAND (Sackerson). He founded Utah Theatre Bloggers in 2010, serves on the board of Grassroots Shakespeare Company, and is a founding producer at Sackerson,