By Jenifer Nii.
A co-production with Plan-B Theatre Company.

March 1-11, 2018 @ Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center

Love is weird. Whom do you love? What do you love? How do you love? And why? THE WEIRD PLAY lives in the space between romance and devotion.

“THE WEIRD PLAY is a contemplation of first love, the ecstasy of love, really bad love, self love, religious love, the end of love, moving on from love. It’s different from anything I’ve ever done, putting into play every aspect of theatre I’ve been afraid of taking on.” – Playwright Jenifer Nii, author of WALLACE, THE SCARLET LETTER, SUFFRAGE, RUFF! and KINGDOM OF HEAVEN

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Cast Information

Dee-Dee Darby Duffin (1)

Susanna Florence Risser (2)

April Fossen (3)

Production team

Alex Ungerman (Director)

Alex Ungerman is one of the producers of Sackerson, and Co-Founder of the Grassroots Shakespeare Company. With Sackerson, he has directed THE WORST THING I’VE EVER DONE, AN OAK TREE, SONDER, SHOCKHEADED PETER, and THE TEN DEATHS OF HAMLET. Next he’ll be directing HINDSIGHT–premiering this May.

Cheryl Cluff (Sound)
Jaron Hermansen (Lighting)
Phil Lowe (Costumes)
Halee Rasmussen (Set)
Aricka Schockmel (Props)
Jennifer Freed (Stage Manager)
Jerry Rapier (Producer)
Dave Mortensen (Associate Producer)
Morag Shepherd (Associate Producer)