The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done

What is this show?

Our mobile theatre box has room enough for one actor and one audience member at a time. We’ve partnered with 3 local playwrights to develop 6 short plays exploring the theme of “The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done.” Each performance is limited to 4 audience members. Here’s how it plays out:

  1. Patron enters the box.
  2. Sees play.
  3. Exits the box so next patron can enter.
  4. Repeat for next play.


  • Emma Robinson
  • McKenzie Steele Foster
  • Shawn Saunders
  • Topher Rasmussen

Production Team

  • Alex Ungerman (Director, Producer)
  • Morag Shepherd (Playwright)
  • Matthew Ivan Bennett (Playwright)
  • Shawn Saunders (Playwright)
  • Daniel Whiting (Designer, Producer)
  • Dave Mortensen (Producer)

Audience Confessions

The following confessions have been collected anonymously.
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liar cheater deceiver exposed.

My name is _____. I am here to come clean about my life over the past few years I have been sleeping with a married man and have taken pleasure in breaking up a marriage and destroying lives. I am a cheater a liar and a deceiver full force. I have cheated on almost all my bfs and I dont feel any regret for any of it theres something wrong with me for sure sometimes I feel so empty I go on websites like tinder and pof and I invite men over on the first date and have sex with them. I use them and lose them and use sex to my advantage for every situation almost I literally have 0 personality integrity or soul. I really hope this helps me bc I needed to get it out.

frustrated dejected … but believe in jesus

my wife is a psycho. she gets bitter about smallest things . it is probably karma i am stuck with her. her family is ok but dad is a con hustler weirdo. again my karma and greed i am in this family. my wife is ugly but god took away my looks and youth too… i have sympathy for her but cannot stand her high horse lecturing as if she is the best thing since sliced bread. I lost my job the day i got engaged and since then jobless it infuriates me to no end. my life is a big lie. i pray to jesus lord set right all is wrong with my life and make me happy.. make my dreams come true… bless me…. i have suffered a lot … i have cried inconsolably today.. please forgive this sheep like a good shepherd… i walk always in your grace and shadow of almighty Amen


sorry i fired you tim my friend. please forgive me.

Oh dear…the whores back

I once got incredibly drunk with my friends boyfriend one night and we ended up having sex. I felt so bad that I continued drinking like some mental alcolic for the next few days until I confessed all my devious activity to my entire family in a drunken and highly emotional state until I passed out in my own vomit. Some would say I’m a pretty classy girl.

Unintentionally second-raping a friend

I repeatedly spoke about my experience of being raped-as a joke, at a bar, because odd as it seems, at that time, it was my way of coping and reaching out. What makes it a terrible action is that I did this in the presence of a friend who survived intense domestic violence and sexual assault and was still recovering. I didn’t intend to hurt her, nor did I ever refer to any other experience than my own but I should have been more considerate not to talk about it in front of her. Although I wasn’t speaking directly to her, I did make her depression worse and triggered her trauma. The worst part is that I didn’t even notice that I did this until I asked her why we seemed to be drifting apart, and she pointed out to me the emotional pain she experienced from my actions. We are colleagues, but we can no longer be friends anymore because of what I did-and I am too selfish to make the descision to move to another workplace.

Liar liar

I make up really awful and really bad lies about myself to be more interesting or get sympathy. Deaths, cancer, heritage you name it I’ve probably told it. It’s the thing I hate most about myself, its so so wrong, and some of the lies I now have to keep up with otherwise I would lose everyone in my life. I feel constant anxiety that the world around me will collapse, but it’s my own making.

The Patient, The Passionate, and the Cheater.

I once cheated on a man I loved who was steady and patient and kind with a man who was passionate and exciting and smelled like sage. My boyfriend forgave me for everything when I told him the truth. He still loved me in his quiet, sturdy way. I broke his heart a short time later. As anyone could have guessed, things didn’t work out with the man who smelled like sage either.

Secret Sex

I broke up with a guy & it devastated him. He said he loved me and was an emotional wreck when I left. The next day, I slept with his best friend. We continue to hook up all the time in secret.

The Shakes

While babysitting my siblings they were acting up and wouldn’t listen. So I pretended to go into a seizures until they were crying out of concern. I’ve never actually had a seizure.

Bye Bye, Daddy

I had a friend in the fourth grade whose parents were tax evaders and conspiracy theorists. One day, I decided it would be funny to tell him that I had invited him over as part of a government plot to get him out of the house so the government could take away his parents.
It was not funny.
I still feel bad about that.