experience immersive theatre

Taking place on 3-floors of the Historic Eagle’s Hall, SONDER is an immersive dance-party theatre experience for 50 audience members at a time. Navigating love and loneliness amid the crowd, guests are invited to follow individual performers and explore the rooms throughout the performance.

Created by Graham Brown, produced by Sackerson.

“Stunningly intricate…a true tour de force”

Rick Westercamp

DC Metro Theatre Arts

“an intimate, exciting, thought-provoking, unique, interesting, playful experience…I left wanting to hug the entire cast and audience”

Molly Jorgensen

Idaho State University

Listed as one of “Utah’s arts standouts”

Kathy Adams

Salt Lake Tribune

“A strong, clear, new vision in the community. One of the best dance/theater experiences of the year.”

Eric Handman

University of Utah

“…of art that has made a huge impact on me, this is in the top ten. I am telling you, it will be with you for years.

C. Jane Kendrick


“I truly have not been witness to anything like this production!” 

Joseph Blake

Dance Artist

Made possible by support from the Laycock Center for Creative Collaboration, Mary Lou Fulton Endowment for Dance, BYU College of Fine Arts and Communication, LoveDanceMore, the Utah Division of Arts and Museums, and individual donors.