We’ve adopted this program from Bricolage Production Company (Pittsburgh, PA).

We recognize that alongside our fans who buy tickets to support us and our fans who volunteer in exchange for a free ticket are fans who imagine themselves at every show but just don’t have the extra time or extra money. For those folks, we’re putting aside tickets that are absolutely, 100% free. No fees, no volunteer shift, no way to tell who paid apart from who didn’t.

How Does It Work?

It’s easy! For every show Sackerson produces throughout the year, we’ll announce one Free for All – a day and time when anyone can get up to two tickets for FREE! When the Free for All begins, we’ll announce a discount code that lets anybody get two free tickets online to any performance of that show. When the tickets are gone, they’re gone…until the next Free for All day for the next show!

How Do You Know the Tickets Are Going to the Right People?

Short answer? We don’t. And we don’t want to be the judge of who can and can’t afford to buy a ticket to our shows. So we’re going to do our part in making each Free Theater for All available to as many folks as we can, and trust that you’ll do everything you can to ensure that you’re not taking something that you don’t need.

How Many Tickets Are We Talking About?

We’ll be honest: we can’t offer the same number of tickets for all shows, or even give a general rule. Every show is different. The number available depends on the show – but every single one of them will be included.

When Is the Next Free for All?

Sign up for our eblast here to get email reminders, as well as a day-of notice.

Why can I only get two tickets?

When theaters took their box offices online, it became possible for people using bots to automatically buy up huge quantities of discounted tickets to shows, and sell them on other sites for huge markups. We’ve limited the amount of free tickets that a person can get at once to ensure that they actually go to people who will use them, not some third-party seller.

Am I going to have to sit up in the nosebleeds?

Every ticket to a Sackerson production is good for a full and complete experience, whether they’re bought at full price or given away for free.