I repeatedly spoke about my experience of being raped-as a joke, at a bar, because odd as it seems, at that time, it was my way of coping and reaching out. What makes it a terrible action is that I did this in the presence of a friend who survived intense domestic violence and sexual assault and was still recovering. I didn’t intend to hurt her, nor did I ever refer to any other experience than my own but I should have been more considerate not to talk about it in front of her. Although I wasn’t speaking directly to her, I did make her depression worse and triggered her trauma. The worst part is that I didn’t even notice that I did this until I asked her why we seemed to be drifting apart, and she pointed out to me the emotional pain she experienced from my actions. We are colleagues, but we can no longer be friends anymore because of what I did-and I am too selfish to make the descision to move to another workplace.