Back in the late 80s/early 90s, my parents were on a mission in Vermont at the Joseph Smith Memorial Center. I flew out to visit them for Thanksgiving weekend and a friend of mine from college (who was living in NYC at the time) met me there – we were spending the weekend with my parents at the visitors center. Thanksgiving night after all the festivities, my friend and I made the really bad decision to go to a little bar near the visitors center called The Three Legged Chicken and I got totally drunk. Beyond buzzed – slurry, sloppy drunk. My parents were waiting up for us, and wanted to have a conversation. I had to pretend I wasn’t drunk which was pretty hard since I also got the hiccups. I’m sure they knew but they didn’t say anything. So…. I got drunk while visiting my parents on their mission. Not a TOTALLY bad thing, per say, but I’ve always felt like a big creep for doing that. Maybe that’s not the worst thing I’ve done, but definitely right up there as one of the dumbest. I need to apologize for that one of these days in the near future.